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Jays’ Education can assist you to improve your child’s grade in Maths, English, reading, spelling, writing, comprehension and pencil skills from prep to grade eight. We invite you to browse through  our extensive workbook list to find the right workbook to make learning for your child less challenging.

The activities in each workbook are organised in a gradual easy to follow step to step progression. As you progress through the each page the activities are a bit harder than the previous page. You can try before you buy as every work book has easy to follow FREE PDF printout illustrated sample pages.

All workbooks are designed to be used without or with the LUK box

Great for children who need extra tuition or with learning difficulties, home schooled or educated in schools covering all subjects. All help and support by Jays’ Education is FREE. View and print Free PDF samples with every workbook.

Numeracy Beginner Workbooks Click HERE Teaching Mathematics, Numbers, Counting and Addition these PDF workbooks give your child an early start before entering pre-school.

A reproducible resource for teachers and parents to prepare children for basic concepts of mathematics, how to count and add numbers 1 to 5, to learn and visualise number patterns and combinations that make up 10 plus count and add using Australian coins and notes. All worksheets  use different pictures and everyday common situations and are progressive, and carefully graded.



Prep-School and Grades 1 to 2 Workbooks Click HERE . These workbooks are an essential tool for teachers, parents and students to teach and learn to add.

The reproducible worksheets teach students to count and learn the position and order of numbers and introduction to early mathematical skills. Students to learn a number of different strategies to find an answer to addition problems.

Grades 1 to 4 Learn to Subtract Click HERE . These reproducible worksheet takes the student through simple steps to learn and be comfortable with subtracting and practise and perfect subtraction.





Grades 2 to 4 Fractions Workbooks Click HERE. Useful reproducible resource for teachers and parents to induce students to basic concepts of fractions.


Grades 2·4 Learn to Multiply and Divide Click HERE. Students learn to use the strategies for multiplying and division plus the concept of 2 and 4, halves and quarters is an essential life skill.



Grades 3 to 6 Angles Workbooks Click HERE . The activities are designed for students to learn to identify, classify, group and measure angles.

Students learn to group triangles according to side length, according to angle size, gain the understanding of the terms scalene, equilateral, isosceles, right angle, external and internal angles in triangles.




Lower Primary Workbooks Click HERE.
The activities are designed for students to count, order and represent two digit numbers and groups of objects up to 100.

A practical resource book of reproducible worksheets designed to support basic mathematical concepts of the base 10 system and its application to our monetary system. Also activities are designed for students to count, order and provides practical ways for teachers and parents to develop fundamental literacy skills, such as alphabet knowledge.



Middle Primary Workbooks Click HERE. All the students need for basic terms for solving simple mathematical problems, practise and learn percentages and simple steps to alegbra.

The activities encourages students to interpret decimals as tenths, hundredths and thousandths. Teaching simple addition and subtraction of tens and ones, learn and practise skills from addition to work with fractions. A practical guide how to develop time awareness, practise and learn percentages plus simple steps to alegbra.




Upper Primary Workbooks Click HERE. A useful resource for teachers and parents to help students learn the skill of multiplying and teach multiplication skills also understand Algebra.

This reproducible workbook is a useful resource for teachers and parents to help students to acquire the concept of 100 and learn the skill of multiplying a number by 5 or 10. Teaching multiplication skills and introduce students to the world of fractions. Identify, classify, group and measure angles also understand that Algebra is a mathematical system.



Drawing and Art Lessons Click HERE. Students are encouraged to express themselves through art.These STEP TO STEP programs takes the student through learning basic steps of pencil skills: drawing vertical, horizontal and oblique lines, connecting two points, channelling, tracing and colouring in.

The tasks are modified to contain a simple, quick-step approach that needs no prior knowledge, skill or talent. The activities are structured to be meaningful, reflect our world and our experience of it.

Drawing and Art learning tips Click HERE.


Hana Jay is an expert in dealing with all learning problems, successfully helping children of all ages (see some of the testimonies). Read what Hana says about learning difficulties. Hana Jay brief biography

Jays’ PDF workbooks progress in small, gradual sequential steps, the pages are clear, uncluttered and easy to follow and are entertaining, fun and easy to use to overcome all learning difficulties and learning problems. Suitable for home schooled or educated in schools from Prep to grade 8 with free help and support from Jays’ Education.

All workbooks are designed to be used without the LUK system!

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