how to use the LUK box:

Step 1. Place the 24 (12) tiles in sequence from 1 to 24 (12) into the blank squares on the lid of the LUK box.

Step 2. Choose your worksheet (page).

Step 3. Pick up tile number 1 and place it next to the number 1 question. Work out the problem and then place the tile number 1 in the square on the base of
the LUK box that has the number matching your answer. Repeat the same procedure with the tile number 2, 3 etc. Gradually work out all 24 (12) problems, placing the tiles on to the numbers matching your answers.

Step 4. When all questions are worked out and all tiles are placed in their squares, the task is finished. Close the lid and turn the LUK box over sideways.
Open the lid and a pattern will appear!

Step 5. Match the pattern with the design on the bottom of the worksheet. If the pattern matches, well done! You have not made a single mistake! If the pattern is not quite correct, but is recognisable, you have still done a good job. If no pattern is visible, there is more work to be done on this particular task. You may need help from your teacher or parent.

Note: Full instructions advising how to use the LUK system are included in each LUK workbooks.

To see list of MiniLUK 12 and LUK 24 tiles LITERACY AND MATHS WORKBOOKS to use with the LUK system click MiniLUK 12 & LUK 24 tiles - LITERACY,
MiniLUK 12 & LUK 24 tiles - MATHS

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