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Mini LUK Self Checking Control Box LUK12 - To be used with 12 question worksheets.

LUK Self Checking Control Box LUK24 - To be used with 24 question worksheets.

Early Reading Intervention
Luk 12 - Activities leading to teaching reading. Introducing printed words. Finding and matching pairs of identical picture - word images.

Reading Intervention LUK12 -
Activities leading to teaching reading, by matching picture and word with word.

Reading Spelling Short Words  LUK12 - Teaches simple phonic patterns, matching words with pictures.

Reading and Spelling Patterns LUK12 - Matching words with pictures. Learn to read by recognising common spelling patterns.

Reading for Meaning LUK12 - Find suitable words to match the meanings of short sentences based on common spelling patterns and sight words.

Rhyming Words Enhance Reading LUK12 - Onset and rime; find and match the words based on common rhyming patterns. Excellent for automatic recall.

Spelling and Reading Words With the Letter A LUK12 - Match words with pictures; learn rules of spelling and reading the vowel a.

Counting Money LUK12 - Count $1 coins; counting on using $50, $10 and $1, coins, notes.

Can You Tell the Time? LUK12 - Learn to read the analogue clock. O'clock, half past, 1/2 past, 1/4 past, 1/4 to, 5 minutes intervals past and to. Count in 5s.

Get Ready for Problem Solving LUK12 - Get familiar with terms used for addition subtraction, multiplication and division. Simple real life problems.

Multiply and Divide by 3 LUK12 - Add on 3 repeatedly, learn and use multiples of 3, use reverse multiplication to divide by 3.

Multiplication Activities  LUK12 - Multiplying 2 digit and 3 digit numbers by 2, 5, 10, set out vertically and horizontally.

 LUK12 - Identifying, classifying, group and measure angles. Finding the unknown angle by subtracting the known angle or angles from 90˚ or 180˚ or 360˚.

Angles in Triangles LUK12 - Good way to practice addition and subtraction by working out the sizes of angles.

Find the Missing Number LUK24 - Short number lines arranged vertically and horizontally. Fill missing numbers in a grid (ranging from 1 to 25).

Self Checking Maths Addition Level 1 LUK24 - Ordered in gradual steps from adding on 1, then 2, 3, up to 7 in vertical and horizontal settings. Repeated addition and simple addition of 2 digit numbers.

Tens and Ones Focus on Money LUK24 - Count groups of objects and money set out in sets of tens and sets of ones, count, order and write 2 digit numbers.

Self Checking Maths Subtraction
Level 1
LUK24 - Ordered in gradual steps to subtract 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, using count back and count on strategy.

Concept of Money LUK24 - Money values, strategies to make counting money easier, counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s.

LUK24 - Adding single numbers (ones) tp two digit numbers, introducing regrouping (carrying on the tens).

Let's Practise Subtraction to 99 LUK24 - Simple subtraction set out vertically and horizontally no need to regroup.

Self Checking Maths Multiplication Level 1 LUK24 - Activities to practice multiplication facts starting with x2, x3, all the way up to x9, x10. LUK will assist to develop automatic recall of number facts.

Division Halves and Quarters LUK24 - Division by 2 and 4, short and long division, including division strategy to simplify fractions.

Self Checking Fractions LUK24 - Strategies and procedures to add 2 fractions or a whole number and a fraction, subtract one fraction from another, all with the same denominator.

Reading & Spelling Essentials LUK24 - Matching pictures to words with common phonic and spelling patterns, each page is dedicated to a particular spelling pattern.

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