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Lower Primary workbooks.
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Reading Intervention LUK12 -
Activities leading to teaching reading by matching picture and word with word.

Teaching Reading - Picture - word - beginning sound - letter associations. Learning and writing beginning letters.

Let's Read and Write - Letter - sounds associations, matching words with pictures and beginning letters.

Sounds are Simple - Word recognition and recall based on phonics, visual and conceptual clues. No writing needed.

Reading Spelling Short Words  LUK12 -
Teaches simple phonic patterns, matching words with pictures.

Using Phonics - All about sound - letter associations, sound - letter patterns, picture - word recognition, quick recall, sentence patterns.

Using Phonics Queensland Edition - All about sound - letter associations, sound - letter patterns, picture - word recognition, quick recall, sentence patterns. Using Queensland cursive beginners print.

Reading for Meaning LUK12 - Join short sentences with pictures. Common spelling patterns and sight words.

Read About Write About Dotty - A simple short story about Kim and her cat. Missing words, word searches, questions and answers, forming sentences. Simple text.

Read About Write About Spotty - A longer story about Ben and his dog. Missing words, word searches, questions and answers, forming sentences. Slightly harder text

Rhyming Words Enhance Reading LUK12 - Onset and rime; find and match the words based on common rhyming patterns. Excellent for automatic recall.

Counting Money LUK12 - Count $1 coins, counting on in ones from $5 and then $10.

Count and Write - Learn to count and write numbers to 10 using simple cues. Excellent workbook for anyone who finds writing challenging. Strategies used to form numerals can be used for writing.

Mental Computation Addition to 10 - Addition patterns, turn arounds, missing addend, counting on, problem solving.

Concept of Subtraction to 10 - Counting back and adding on strategy, number patterns set out in gradual small steps.

Find the Missing Number LUK24 - Short number lines arranged vertically and horizontally. Fill missing numbers in a grid (ranging from 1 to 25).

Concept of 20 - Use number line and number patterns to count, add and subtract, count in 2s, learn odd and even numbers.

Tens and Ones Focus on Money LUK24 - Count groups of objects and money set out in sets of tens and sets of ones, count, order and write 2 digit numbers.

Money in Coins - Get familiar with the concept of coins, differences between 5c and 50c, 20c and $2, 10c and $1, money value, real size coins used.

Concept of Money CoinsLUK24 - Money values, strategies to make counting money easier, counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s.

Self Checking Maths Addition Level 1 LUK24 - Ordered in gradual steps from adding on 1, then 2, 3, up to 7 in vertical and horizontal settings. Repeated addition and simple addition of 2 digit numbers.

Self Checking Maths Subtraction
Level 1
LUK24 - Ordered in gradual steps to subtract 1, 2, 3 using count back and count on strategy.

Let's Practise Subtraction to 99 LUK24 - Simple subtractions set out vertically and horizontally no need to regroup.

Fractions 2 - Simple steps to learn to divide a whole into equal parts, halves, quarters. Real life activities.

Multiples of 2 and 20 - The concept of 2s and 20s, double, redouble, counting $2, 20c, relating the patterns of 2 to patterns of 20. All set in real life situations.

Multiply and Divide by 3 LUK12 - Add on 3 repeatedly, learn and use multiples of 3, use reverse multiplication to divide by 3.

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