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Introduction to Basic Pencil Skills - Get  ready for drawing. Developing eye hand coordination and spatial orientation, drawing pictures using vertical and horizontal lines.

More Pencil Skills - Get  ready for writing. Using all kind of lines to finish or form a picture.

Still More Pencil Skills - Encourages the development of eye-hand coordination, pencil grip and a smooth hand and wrist movement. The final in the series. Next, start with writing.

Draw and Talk - Learn to communicate while drawing to "finish" a motivating picture using all kinds of lines.

Basic Number Concepts - Motivating way to count. Concept of 6; join numbers with pictures or circle the correct number to match the set of pictures.

Count and Write - Learn to count and write numbers to 10 using simple cues. Excellent workbook for anyone who finds writing challenging. Strategies used to form numerals can be used for writing.

Number Concept Learn to Count - Developing the notion of counting and the awareness of numbers and their values. Learn that each consequent number matches one counted object, the counted numbers appear always in the same fixed order, each subsequent number is increased by one

Counting Money - Students learn to count (add) using Australian coins ($1) and notes ($5, $10). The activities are sequenced, starting from simple counting of ones and gradually increasing in difficulty, counting on from $5 or $10 the $1 coins.

Beginning to Subtract - Learn the basics of subtraction and get a lot of practice.

Early Reading Intervention - Activities leading to teaching reading. Introducing printed words. Finding and matching pairs of identical picture - word images.

Reading Readiness - Initial letter-sound activities, join words with their initial letters, find and circle matching letters (sounds).

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