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I have used puzzles as a teaching aid for many, many years. They have been a great help in teaching children to focus, to begin and finish a task, to follow instructions (as you help them), to think and to work step by step to complete the task (puzzle).
Puzzles help the child to develop speech, build vocabulary, to plan, tofollow instructions, to develop spatial relationships, to improve manipulative skills and by encouraging the child to use both hands improve the coordination of both hemispheres.

Puzzles are great teaching aids. They motivate the child to learn.

This is how it works:
Look at the puzzle. Analyse the puzzle. What is in the picture? What is the focus point (colour, main picture, part of a picture, shape etc)?
Decide where to start: at the corners, top or bottom edges or build up a picture...
Look for the pieces needed to follow the plan.
The child has to think "What do I need?" and then look for the particular piece. The strategies will teach the child to think, look and do instead of grab a piece and try to fit it somewhere, put it down again and try another one without any planning.

Puzzles are important for developing visual skills, eye-hand coordination, they are excellent foe dexterity, using both hands, developing dominance, strengthening the corpus collosum, the bridge between the right and left hemispheres. One hand is the preferred one. Usually children have a problem using both hands, they usually forget that they have another hand. They find it difficult to cross the midline (going from one visual field to the other). To develop the bridge between the 2 brain hemispheres (corpus collosum) the children have to use both hands. Apraxic children find that very difficult.

Download how to use puzzles.

Jays' Education puzzles are especially designed for students who find learning chalenging. The student has to use both hands to build the puzzzle.

Each puzzle is imade individually, no 2 puzzles are the same. Hand made using quality "puzzle timber". Only $10.00 each.

We have differnt themes as pictured below.
Puzzles range from 12 to 50 pieces. Order by difficulty and scenes
(remember, each puzle is unique and different).

To order send us an email say which group you'd like and how many puzzles you need. Each puzzle is $5.00 plus delivery by mail.

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