Teaching Reading - Learn Letter and Sound System
(63 reproducible work sheets)

"Teaching Reading" is a reproducible workbook for emergent readers. The activities are set out to introduce the very basic concepts of reading and spelling and to develop the elementary writing skills.

In order to promote early reading success, it is advisable to focus beginning reading instruction on developing the knowledge about letter-sound associations.

Once spelling-to-sound relationships are established, fluent decoding is depending on practice and exposure to text written at an appropriate level.

"Teaching Reading" workbook is presented in 7 sections:

PAGES 1 to 12 - The student names the picture, listens to the beginning sound, notes the first letter of the word and writes that letter in each box. Sample page. 

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PAGES 13 to 29 - The student looks at the words, circles the initial letters, then looks at the pictures, names the picture, matches (joins) the beginning sound of the name with the beginning letter of the word and writes the beginning letter in the box.
 Sample page.

PAGES 30 to 34 - The student names the picture, listens to the beginning sound, recalls the letter matching the sound and writes it on the line. Sample page.

PAGES 35 to 40 - The student names the picture, listens to the beginning sound and circles or colours the word which begins with that letter (sound).
Sample page.

PAGES 41 to 46 vowels - The student names the picture, listens to the vowel sound, says the word stressing the vowel. Writes the vowel (letter) on the line. Sample page.

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PAGE 59 to 63 - The student looks at the picture, names the picture, listens for the beginning and end sounds, finds the word in the word search and copies it under the picture. Sample page.

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