Upper Primary Workbooks
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Concept of Hundred Multiples of 5 and 10 - Count in 5s and 10s, using number lines and 100 charts, application to money values, coins and notes, sets and multiples of 5s and 10s, set in real life situations.

Multiplication Activities  LUK12 - Multiplying 2 digit and 3 digit numbers by 2, 5, 10, set out vertically and horizontally.

Division Halves and Quarters LUK24 - Division by 2 and 4, set out in all ways. Fractions simple divisions...

Fractions 3 - Learn to divide a whole into halves, quarters, and eights, thirds and sixth, fifth, and tens in simple sequential steps set out in real life situations.

Fractions 4 - Addition of fractions, equivalent fractions, subtraction of fractions, forming a whole number, all related to diagrams.

Self Checking Fractions LUK24 - Adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with the same denominator.

Can You Tell the Time? LUK12 - Learn to read the analogue clock. O'clock, half past, 1/2 past, 1/4 past, 1/4 to, 5 minutes intervals past and to.

All About Angles Self Checking LUK12 - Identifying, classifying, group and measure angles.

Angles in Triangles LUK12 - Practicing addition and subtraction by finding the sizes of angles

Simple Steps to Algebra - Methods of working with pronumerals are introduced stepby step and reinforced over and over again in a wide range of contexts.

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