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English for Everyone - Spell Read Speak  

English for Everyones a very useful resource of Englishspelling patterns, speech construct and guide to English pronunciation. A major part of the resource is based on the idea that picture is worth a thousand words.

The spelling and speech patterns are closely related   to  their pictorial image. The English for Everyonespelling and speech  patterns are  introduced and reinforced with a  sequential precision.

Both phonological awareness and knowledge of 
letter-sound correspondence are united to generate
the  understanding the concept of the alphabetical  principle.  Knowing  that the words are made up of  separate speech  sounds (called  phonemes) identify  them and use them is
a very important step to  the  correct spelling
and  pronunciation of English words.

Once the alphabetical principle is grasped it becomes a
useful tool. As the initial understanding of the
principal spreads, the ability to decode correctly leads
to further insights about other sounds. The phoneme (sound) awareness together with the knowledge of letter-sound correspondences is crucial during the beginning stages of learning another language.

Complete book, suitable for teachers, speach therapists, tutors (with extensive spelling lists, 132 pages).

PDF $25.00. Order a PDF download file. Print your own pages as often as you need them. Only Part 1 (does not include spelling lists, 90 pages). 

CD $35.00. Order a CD ROM disk, open it where and when you want, print your pages or book. Add $5.- or more postage!  
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