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Jays’ Education is a family business dedicated to delivering the best supplementary educational material for students who need a different approach, different strategies, different methods and variety of procedures for more than fifty years. Let us explain.

Jays’ books and programs (worksheets activities) provide opportunities to develop knowledge, procedure and strategies to build up confidence and self-esteem, to increase perseverance, flexibility and reasoning. Jays’ programs encourage students to learn, read, view, analyse and interpret numeracy, literacy etc, represented by text, pictures, symbols, tables and diagrams. Activities build on prior knowledge and incorporate new information into existing conceptual structure.

The activities (worksheets) we design are presented in many different contexts. Each task has a clear explanation of what is the exact procedure and what is expected. The activities (worksheets) offer a multitude of opportunities to develop an understanding of the concepts and skills to demonstrate the core learning outcomes. The programs we design use a variety of different teaching approaches. There is always a link to other understandings and other experiences.

Students learn at different rates and in different ways. There always will be students who have not achieved the outcomes for their level to be able to move on to the next level. These students have to be identified and given opportunities to develop an understanding of the concepts to demonstrate the core learning outcomes at their level. They need more time and more opportunities to demonstrate the core learning outcomes

Jays’ activity programs are designed for learners requiring a step to step approach. Every page takes the learner a step further toward the final outcome.

Note that all support and help provided by Jays’ Education is free.

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