Hana Jay Bio

Most of our titles have been written by Hana Jay, the teaching system we employ is Hana’s. Below is a very short summary of her professional life. 

Hana Jay, who also writes under her pen name Johana Meyer, is well known for her work in special education. In her early years Hana published a number of Educational Papers, distributed throughout the Czechoslovakian school system, under her Czech married name Hana Sojkova. She has received numerous recognitions, both for her work and for her publications, including an award from the Minister of Education.

Hana has a wide range of experience as a teacher and educator (Preschool, Primary and High School, Spec Ed, ESL), deputy principal, lecturer, learning unit coordinator in NSW, Queensland and overseas.

The activities (worksheets) we design are presented in many different contexts. Each task has a clear explanation of what is the exact procedure and what is expected. The activities (worksheets) offer a multitude of opportunities to develop an understanding of the concepts and skills to demonstrate the core learning outcomes. The programs we design use a variety of different teaching approaches. There is always a link to other understandings and other experiences.

Students learn at different rates and in different ways. There always will be students who have not achieved the outcomes for their level to be able to move on to the next level. These students have to be identified and given opportunities to develop an understanding of the concepts to demonstrate the core learning outcomes at their level. They need more time and more opportunities to demonstrate the core learning outcomes

Jays’ activity programs are designed for learners requiring a step to step approach. Every page takes the learner a step further toward the final outcome.

Hana Jay, Achievements:

• Teacher (Pre-School, Primary, High School, Special Ed, ESL)

• Speech Therapist [Logopedic Clinic Liberec (CSR)]

• Lecturer Early Childhood (North CSR area)

• Speaker Early Childhood Special Needs programs (educational conferences)

• Founded a Special Kindergarten (1965) for speech and language impaired children and designed programs for speech and language impaired children. Many similar Kindergartens are still running and using the same program today

• Published paper for Dep of Education CSR on speech education of Pre-schools

• Developed programs for Speech Disorders and Stutterers and lectured to Speech Therapists (Logopedy in CSR)

• Co-founded and managed Learning Centre for Children with Learning Difficulties and developed a teaching program for LD children. (Part of Cromehurst School Lindfield NSW.)

• Created programs for severely mentally impaired students (Fisher Rd Special School Dee Why, Arncliffe Special School, Holroyd Special School and others; NSW)

• In-service lecturer for teachers of special needs children (Sydney South, Gosford, Newcastle NSW)

• Lecturer for Educ Dep. NSW (part time) [topics: Speech & Language, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Perceptual Motor Development and Special Programs]

• Lecturer (part time) for Nepean University, Kurringai Teachers College, University of Newcastle (all NSW)

• Lecturer of ESL teachers on phonology and speech tuition (NSW)

• Lectured (part time) Queensland Dep Educ (at Miles) on teaching methods

• Published numerous work books. Publishers: Knowledge Books and E-Books
(Burleigh Heads), User Friendly (NZ), Jays’ Education (Wellington Point)

• Diagnostic Specialist and tutor of Special Needs (Wellington Point Qld)