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Sight is the ability to see. Vision is the result of child’s ability to interpret and understand the information that comes to him through his eyes.

It is important that children described as smart in everything but school, can be helped early enough that they may become smart at school too.

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1. Observable Visual Performances includes:
> Eye movement skills
> Eye teaming skills
> Eye hand coordination
> Visual form perception
> Figure ground perception
> Visual therapy

While teaching and reinforcing academic skills the program’s aim is to develop the child’s visual skills to a level that will no longer make learning so difficult. All our books deal with visual perceptual difficulties in the best way possible.

2. Reading is a complex of closely interrelated skills.
The page includes:
> Visual skills
> Auditory skills
> Sequencing
> The application of letter-sound rules

When students learn to read they recognise familiar letter-sound correspondences, segment and blend simple regular words from a small group of easily taught letters so they gain confidence and satisfaction.

3. What makes the LUK system so great for the child’s development? Plus Many stages of the perceptual development could be noted when working with LUK:
> Eye hand coordination
> Focusing skills and eye teaming skill
> Figure ground perception
> Sequence of steps taken and then retracing the steps
> Task completion
> Anticipation, the child anticipates a reward

The Luk self checking system is recommended for Prep with suitable workbooks all the way to year 7, the higher grades use it for students with learning difficulties. Books are age appropriate for all ages.

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