Why the LUK System

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LUK is a system. Students need to work with systems because learning depends on understanding and following systems. LUK is beneficial for students who prefer to work on their own.

The LUK system has numerous educational advantages and as students work it they benefit directly from the material they work with as well as from the system. Below is a rather short outline of the LUK system’s benefits.

Many students are not at ease if someone is sitting next to them and watching every step they take. They constantly look for assurance if they feel they made a mistake. With LUK they may work on their own. When working with LUK and a student sees that the number he is looking for is already covered, he realises he made a mistake. He then has to check the particular question, correct the mistake and place the tile on the correct square. That is an easy way to correct one’s own mistakes.

When all the tiles are placed in the box, the student closes the lid and turns the box over sideways, opens the lid and a pattern is displayed in the box. The student then matches the two patterns, the one on the sheet with the one in the box. If the answers are correct, the two patterns will match. The student colours the pattern on the sheet to match the pattern in the LUK box.

Many stages of the perceptual development could be noted when working with LUK:

Eye hand coordination, as the child handles the tiles, looks for the questions, places the tiles in the LUK box

Focusing skills and eye teaming skill, the child has to focus and refocus and again refocus looking for tiles, for questions, answers, the tile code numbers, looking for that number in the box, placing the tiles on those numbers.

Figure ground perception, the answer (words, pictures etc.) have to stand out from the background, the little number stands out from the word and picture next to it. When looking for a numerical answer, the child has to distinguish the code number from the answer number.

Sequence of steps taken and then retracing the steps, take the tile, place it under the question, look for the answer, note the code number, find that number in the LUK box, place the tile on it and go back to the beginning again.

Anticipation, the child anticipates a reward – a pattern that means: “Work well done.”

Task completion, the task is completed when all the tiles are in and the pattern is displayed. The child develops continuity, planning (anticipates the pattern) endurance, resilience, satisfaction from a job well done.

The LUK system is recommended for Prep all the way to year 8. Higher grades use it for children with learning difficulties. Books are age appropriate for all ages. Children like the system (program), they think of it as a game, it gives them confidence and satisfaction from job well done. They can see their improvement.

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