Addition level 1



Addition level 1 workbook is an essential tool for teachers, parents and students to teach and learn to add. Activities to practice multiplication facts starting with x2, x3, all the way up to x9, x10. LUK will assist to develop automatic recall of number facts.

The activities are set out in gradual sequential order, so students can learn to add one step a time, from adding one, then one and another one, two, three and so on… using the adding on method.

Helpful addition strategies are included. The instructions advising how to use the LUK program are included.

The use of 24 questions (problems) on each page makes the program compatible with the LUK self checking system. Each page has a grid with answers and a LUK code key.

The instructions advising how to use the LUK system are included in each LUK workbook.

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