Addition up to 10



Addition up to 10 downloadable PDF workbook is an ideal supplement to the existing maths program. The worksheets are progressive, and carefully graded.

ADDITION UP TO 10 activities are based on the needs of teachers to have progressive and sequential material to fulfill the outcomes of the syllabus for Mathematics.

The activities relate to real life experiences, using picture material and symbols to visualise and mentally recall addition facts. Students are encouraged through practical experiences to group and regroup objects to form new larger sets , to learn and visualise number patterns and combinations that make up 10.

The reproducible work sheets will give teachers ample opportunities to develop the skills to gain the concepts necessary to learn basic addition facts. The print is clear, the instructions simple, the style applicable to variety of students.

The work sheets focus on:

•   analysing relationships between numbers to establish equality and inequality.
•   developing the concepts, language and symbols associated with the operation of adding.
•   analysing, comparing and patterning to develop the basic facts for addition.

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