Angles in Triangles LUK 12



Angles in Triangles LUK 12  reproducible workbook is actually a handbook about triangles and their properties. It contains a collection of worksheets to learn and develop the understanding of triangles.

Students learn to group triangles according to side length, according to angle size, gain the understanding of the terms scalene, equilateral, isosceles, right angle, external and internal angles in triangles, to work out the unknown angels by subtraction from 180˚.

All the angles have the correct measurement so the students can find the sizes of angles by measuring them using a protractor or by working them out mathematically and then checking them with
a protractor. The degrees of the angles are provided in multiples of 5 to make it easier to measure the angles accurately.

There are 12 questions and 12 answers on each page to make this workbook compatible with the mini LUK self checking system (except for pages 1 to 4).

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