Can you tell the time Luk12



Can you tell the time Luk12 is a comprehensive reproducible workbook to introduce and reinforce the concept of telling time. Both digital and analogue times are being addressed, as both the digital and analogue clocks are used in real life situations. The activities are organised in step to step fashion so the students will master the basic concepts and skills of telling time well.

This workbook is a companion book of “What Time Is It“. Workbook “Can you tell the time?” concentrates more on simple repeated activities, the teaching strategies are build into every worksheet .

The students will master both the digital and the analogue clocks.

This workbook is a self correcting one. It is using the Mini LUK teaching system. However each page is designed in such a way that the Mini LUK need not be used. Bear in mind that Hana recommends the LUK system whole heartedly because it guarantees the best result for the students.

See Teaching Tips for some of the facts behind the LUK system.

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