Division Halves and Quarters LUK24



Division Halves and Quarters LUK24 reproducible workbook provides a selection of systematic Step to Step activities to teach and reinforce division by 2 and 4. The concept of 2 and 4, halves and quarters is an essential life skill. 

We use the concept of a quarter and the concept of a half to make computations easier (50% of 36 = half of 36; 25% of 100 = quarter of 100).

The book contains 3 pages of strategies to be used when dividing a larger 2 digit even number or an odd number. Students will learn that simplifying a fraction is actually a division.

This workbook gives the student the necessary strategies and skills to master division by 2 and 4, and the necessary skills to divide a whole number or a group into halves and quarters.

The use of 24 questions (problems) on each page makes the program compatible with the LUK self checking system. Each page has a grid with answers and a LUK code key.

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