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English for Everyone teaches speech and spelling patterns. English phonic and spelling rules explained in easy to follow instructions. Includes activity sheets and comprehensive spelling lists.

English for Everyone a very useful resource of English spelling patterns, speech construct and guide to English pronunciation. A major part of the resource is based on the idea that picture is worth a thousand words.

The spelling and speech patterns are closely related to their pictorial image. The spelling and speech patterns are introduced and reinforced with a sequential precision.

Both phonological awareness and knowledge of letter-sound correspondence are united to generate the understanding the concept of the alphabetical principle. Knowing that the words are made up of separate speech sounds (called phonemes) identify them and use them is a very important step to the correct spelling and pronunciation of English words.

Once the alphabetical principle is grasped it becomes a useful tool. As the initial understanding of the principal spreads, the ability to decode correctly leads to further insights about other sounds. The phone me (sound) awareness together with the knowledge of letter-sound correspondences is crucial during the beginning stages of learning another language.

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