Introduction to Basic Pencil Skills



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Get ready for drawing. Developing eye hand coordination and spatial orientation, drawing pictures using vertical and horizontal lines.

The STEP TO STEP program takes the student through learning basic steps of pencil skills: drawing vertical, horizontal and oblique lines, connecting two points, channelling, tracing and colouring in.

All activities are related to real life, they are meaningful and are suitable for all ages.

The activities will:

• Develop and refine pencil skills that are used in other areas of learning, e.g. circling , joining questions with answers, underlining, marking the correct answer, crossing unwanted items

• Introduce the use of basic lines to create a picture

• Develop spatial orientation, e.g. start at a point, go to a point, finish at a point (where to start, where to go, where to finish)

• Develop eye-hand coordination

• Develop fluency and efficiency in pencil movement

This workbook has been a most successful resource in Preps, special education, as well as in home school settings.

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