Lets Practise Subtraction up to 99 LUK 24




Lets Practise Subtraction up to 99 LUK 24 reproducible workbook is a handy resource book of reproducible activity sheets to learn and reinforce the concept and skills of subtraction. The reproducible worksheets give students a lot of practice in subtracting two-digit numbers from numbers up to 99.

The activities are divided into four sections. Each section covers a different aspect of subtraction, starting from subtracting multiples of 10, and gradually progressing to more difficult subtraction problems. Money is used to reinforce the concept of place value, notes and coins are used to demonstrate the concept of tens and ones.

Both vertical and horizontal forms of subtraction are included to reinforce the concept of place value; the first digits are tens, the second digits are ones.

Reproducible worksheets 1 to 18 and 32 to 39 may be used with the LUK system to self-check each answer . If all answers are correct, a pattern in the LUK box will be displayed (lists of patterns are on pages XV, XVI, XVII). This gives the student satisfaction and an incentive to continue. Answer sheets are also included.

This reproducible workbook has been successfully used by special education teachers and home schoolers.

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