Lets Start Read and Write



Lets Start Read and Write. Students will learn that words are made up from separate speech sounds, they will learn to identify the sounds of spoken words and relate them to corresponding letters.

This reproducible workbook promotes phonemic awareness and skills to see and understand connections between the sounds and their letter representations.

The relationship between letters and sounds is helping to develop blending skills. The worksheets in “Lets Start Read and Write” provide a variety of activities covering the English alphabet from “a to z” and all the sounds the letters represent.

Activities include:

> Discriminating and joining or colouring pairs of identical letters

> Sorting or joining words according to beginning letters

> Getting familiar with upper case letters

> Filling in the missing beginning letters

> Cutting out and joining words and their matching pictures

> Joining words with their beginning letters and matching pictures

> Completing a simple word search

This workbook has been used successfully by teachers teaching students with learning difficulties.

The author says that it is an ideal workbook for home school as the pages are self contained, easy to follow, clear and uncluttered..

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