Multiples of 2 and 20



Multiples of 2 and 20 reproducible workbook  – The concept of 2 and 20 is an essential life skill. When we count things (objects, people…) we generally count them by 2’s. Counting by 2 is more accurate than counting one by one. 

The concept of even and odd numbers is based on counting by 2’s.

As we have 20c and $20 we frequently count the amount in 20’s.

This reproducible workbook sets out activities for students to learn and practice multiplying by 2 and applying this skill to counting by 20’s.

Students will learn a number of useful strategies to apply when solving problems such as double, twice as much, double and redouble a number…

“Multiples of 2 and 20” is a reproducible workbook packed with activities and strategies, to know, understand and apply to real life situations.

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