Multiplication Activities LUK12



Multiplication Activities LUK12 teach multiplication skills using multiples of 2, 5 and 10 using both horizontal and vertical arrangement including decimals and monetary values. The workbook program will develop automaticity in recalling basic number facts and in choosing and applying the most suitable computational procedures.
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It is essential to address automaticity in basic number skills together with learning fundamental strategies for basic computations. The application of correct strategies will bring on valuable cognitive changes associated with increased efficiency of working memory and more successful meaningful engagement with complex tasks. Tasks that require multiplication depend on the recall of multiplication facts (tables), on the understanding the concept of place value and on the skill to multiply 2 and more digit numbers by one digit numbers. Students will develop the capacity for spontaneous generalisation, they will be able to transfer learned skills and strategies to new situations.

The worksheets are designed to correspond with the Mini LUK control box. That means that students may work on their own and use the LUK system to check their work.

The LUK Self Checking System is highly recommended for home school situations as well as for students with learning difficulties. Students at home and at school love to work with LUK because it is a game to them. They learn and enjoy working, this is true for both the students in main stream school environment and learning difficulties students.

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