Practice and learn percentages



The aim of the workbook is to get across the idea that percent means out of hundred, that it actually is a fraction with the denominator of 100. The first section of the workbook starts with 5 pages of squares divided in 100 little squares partially shaded.

The students learn to interpret the shading into percentages,
learn the difference of 3 shaded squares and 30 shaded squares.

In the second section they learn to convert fractions and decimals to a percentage.

The third section deals with finding a percentage of a given quantity starting with 10%. In this workbook students are taught and encouraged to divide the given quantity (the number) by 10 and then to multiply that number by the tens digit.
For example 40% of 300 = 4 x 30 = 120
or 30% of 220 = 22 x 3 = 66.
To find 5% divide the number by 10 and then by 2.
To find 1% divide by 100.
To find 9% of 400; divide 400 by 100 and multiply by 9.

The fourth section of the workbook has 4 sets of exercises practising the concept of finding the original number, when the answer and the percentage is known.
The process is reversed, multiply the answer by 100 and divide by the percentage number. E.g. 4% of ____ is 24; 24 x 100 ÷ 4 = 600.

Each worksheet has answers to make it easy for the students to see if they are on the right track as they work.

This workbook is the first in a “Percentage” series and is compatible with the miniLUK self checking system.

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