Read About Write About Dotty



Read About Write About Dotty are reading and writing activities that are organised around a short story about Kim and her cat Dotty. It is designed to motivate students to read and interpret information. Most words are one or twosyllable words with regular spelling patterns.

The reproducible workbook has two parts, the first – the story with clozes, the second – activities focusing on vocabulary, spelling and forming simple sentences.

The student learns to read a nice little cat story and learns spelling and comprehension using the interesting activity pages.

The story is divided into 6 paragraphs, one paragraph per page. The top part of each page has the description of an event and the bottom part has the same text with missing words.

As the student is searching for an answer in the top section (missing words), he is reading the text again, recalling key events in a sequence, making simple inferences from the information related to the text and selecting the words needed to fill in the blanks.

The second part of the workbook concentrates on:
> Completing sentences using list words
> Matching sentences with pictures
> Writing a story about Dotty using given sentence patterns
> Word search
> Answering questions about Kim and Dotty

This workbook is a useful reproducible resource for teachers and parents to develop student’s reading, spelling and writing skills.

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