Reading Intervention LUK 12



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Activities leading to teaching reading, by matching picture and word with word.

This workbook provides practical ways for teachers and parents to develop fundamental literacy skills, such as alphabet knowledge, phonological (sound)awareness, letter recognition, print
awareness and print motivation to become successful readers.

The aim is to motivate the emergent reader to find pleasure in reading. The activities guide the beginner reader through simple steps to read words with speed and proper expression.

The words are paired with meaningful pictures to make the decoding and the recall of words automatic. The activities do not require writing so that the tasks could be performed
with undivided attention to visual discrimination.

In the previous workbook “Early Reading Intervention” all the words are accompanied by pictures. This workbook “Reading Intervention” has answers which are not supplemented by pictures.
The questions have pictures and words and the answers only words.

The workbook is designed for the Mini LUK with 12 tiles. We strongly recommend the LUK system, however the workbook may be used on its own without the use of LUK.
Using the Mini LUK box keeps the children’s focus on reading and matching words and pictures without putting an effort on pencil skills

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