Reading Readiness



Reading Readiness activities are closely related to the activities in Pencil Skills workbooks. Initial letter-sound activities, join words with their initial letters, find and circle matching letters (sounds).

Drawing lines to connect matching pairs (pictures and letters) and circling the correct letters are used to introduce and reinforce the concept of beginning letters.

Each page has a set of pictures, words and their beginning letters (sounds). The focus is on the relationship between the name of the object (picture), the initial sound of the naming
word and the letter representing the initial sounds.

The program aims to develop:

• Spatial orientation and directionality by drawing connecting line from picture to picture, from letter to picture and word to picture.

• Eye hand coordination by drawing connecting lines and circles around pictures.

• Visual discrimination by identifying beginning letters.

• Visual-auditory association by connecting sounds with visual symbols.

• Visual verbal integration by linking pictures, names, words and beginning sounds.

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