Reading Spelling Short Words



Reading Spelling Short Words reproducible workbook teaches children to hear and identify phonemes and letter-sound relationships and phonic patterns. Letter-sound correspondences are taught intensively and systematically.

At some point, regardless of the method of teaching, children must grasp and make use of the concept that units of print correspond with units of speech. This principle may be learned along with or after the accumulation of sight word vocabulary.

Rhyming repetitive patterns help to consolidate and expand child’s knowledge of spelling patterns. Illustrations are visually stimulating, they enhance the words, they aid the recall of phonetic patterns, they act as a bridge between the auditory, visual and language associations.

The words are printed in different fonts to prepare the students for reading any kinds of books.

The activities are designed so that they can be used with or without the self checking LUK tray (box) specifically mini LUK.

The mini LUK has 12 tiles, so the activities are simpler than the ones with 24 tiles in the LUK box. The words may be connected with their matching pictures, or the pictures with their matching words, the words can be copied under or next to the pictures.

Teaches simple phonic patterns, matching words with pictures.

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