Rhyming Words Enhance Reading LUK12




Rhyming Words Enhance Reading LUK12 teaches students to find and match the words based on common rhyming patterns. Excellent for automatic recall.

The activity sheets in Rhyming Words Enhance Reading provide words with simple letter combinations based on onset and rime spelling patterns. Teaching children using onset and rime greatly improves both reading and spelling skills. Learning to distinguish rime gives children a tool that provides access to spelling patterns.

The onset (beginning sound) allows children to create new words with familiar endings, commonly known as word families. Research has shown that exposure to rhyming is a useful rudimentary form of phonological awareness alerting children to shared sounds in words. The rhyming patterns help to consolidate and expand the knowledge of spelling patterns.

Children learn to spell by analogy. Most frequent analogies are based on spelling patterns that reflect rhyme. The analogies are made about words that share the same sound. If a child can read “bake a cake” they can use this knowledge to decode “take”, “make” because the words have the same rime and they rhyme.

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