Sounds are Simple



Sounds are Simple consist of word recognition and recall based on phonics, visual and conceptual clues. No writing needed.

When learning to read it is necessary to recognise and differentiate letter shapes and translate them into their corresponding speech sounds.

It is essential to learn how letters relate to various sounds and to identify and segment sounds in spoken words.

Once letter-sound relationship are established, fluent decoding is depending on practice and exposure to suitable reading material.

The reproducible workbook “Sounds are Simple” follows the relationship between sounds and letters and sets out activities to ensure that the reader will learn simple spelling-reading patterns and combine these skills with more complete decoding strategies to achieve fluent reading.

The activities do not require writing so that the tasks could be performed with undivided attention to visual discrimination, recall and comprehension of printed words. Writing often distracts the young reader from decoding the print fluently and accurately. 

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