Spell Well to Excel



Spell Well to Excel – By matching words with pictures learn all the rules and patterns to spell and read words with the vowel a.

Activities reinforce fourteen spelling rules to assist the reading and pronouncing of the letter a. Each spelling pattern is represented by 12 words per work sheet, with matching pictures to create a firm visual and auditory imprint.

The picture (comprehension) and its name (word) helps to recall each spelling pattern (word, pattern, concrete image). As the brain attends better to patterns than to single random like letters, the words grouped on the basis of the same pattern and joined with the real image (picture), will be learned faster and more thoroughly. The learning process is based on a concept rather then on a splinter skill.

Students decide when to add the extra ‘e’ to change the short vowel sound into the long vowel sound to give it the correct meaning.

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