Step to Step Count and Write Numbers



Learn to count and write numbers to 10 using simple cues. Excellent workbook for anyone who finds writing challenging. Strategies used to form numerals can be used for writing. 

This reproducible workbook is a very valuable resource for parents and teachers. The activities are designed for children who need extra help to learn to write and count.

Children will learn to write with the help of guide words connected to specific hand movements and thus gain the appropriate skills needed to write a particular numeral.

The concepts of numbers are introduced one at a time with activities reinforcing each skill many times. Students learn count to 10, recognise number patterns, link a numeral with a matching number of objects, and above all, will be
able to write numerals from 0 to 10.

Teacher’s comment:

“Over the holidays I’ve discovered your wonderful books that will be a fabulous resource for some of my little students. Thank you so much for publishing books that are clearly set out and not cluttered with too much visual ‘stuff’. I cannot understand why so many books designed to be used by children are so crammed with items on the page that even I have difficulty ‘seeing’ what’s what!!” Elizabeth B..ley 

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