Subtraction Concept of 10




Subtraction Concept of 10 workbook is an essential resource for teachers and parents to help students to acquire the concept of 10 and learn the skill of subtracting a number from numbers between 1 and 10.      

>The students learn to count back from any number up to 10

>Take away one repeatedly using a set of objects or a number line

>Learns and uses combinations and patterns that make up 10 to solve subtraction problems

The workbook offers a number of useful strategies to solve subtraction problems. The activities relate to real life experiences, using themes and pictures the students are
familiar with and can relate the mathematical problems to.

This printable workbook has been successfully used by special education teachers and home schoolers. The PDF format is suitable for interactive whiteboards. 

Teacher’s comment heard often:
“Activities are simple and effective. Great resource for individual program and parent support.”

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